Clayton started karting back in 2010 when his grandad bought him a second-hand kart for Christmas. In 2011 he raced at local clubs Forest Edge Kart Club and Camberley Kart Club. The following year Shenington Kart Club and Whilton Mill were added to his race venues. This was chosen to help him gain experience with bigger and more experienced grids. After that Clayton wanted to challenge the drivers racing nationally and so he was entered into the Little Green Man Championship and the British Superone Championships. In his final year as a cadet, he was the only driver outside the top 2 to win a Super One race. He also managed to take pole position at the final round of the LGM championship. Clayton and his dad are especially proud of this achievement as they did it together on a low budget and as privateers. 

He and his dad Steve, ran the karts on a low budget and as privateers throughout nearly all of his cadet career.

When Clayton moved up to the bigger sized karts his parents decided that they could not reach his full potential unless they joined a team. A year in Coles for Minimax rewarded him with a 6th in the National Championship. In 2017 Clayton Joined the KR Sport kart team to compete in IAME X30 and impressed immediately.